I just need to have a few of my staff trained as coaches or mentors and we can do the rest.
Once we know the aims and objectives of your mentoring or coaching programme we will design the resources and training accordingly. A two day training programme at the very least is recommended with a third day once the mentoring or coaching is underway to offer supervision and introduce more tools.
What resources will the services provide?

Once we know the aims and objectives for your mentoring or coaching programme we will develop the resources specifically for that purpose. Each participant will have a mentor or coach handbook, a toolkit and contact logs as well as learning logs. These resources will enable you to develop a sustainable programme long after the training has finished.

I am not sure exactly how to implement mentoring or coaching in my organisation and need some advice?
You can use us on a consultancy basis to help you to decide whether coaching or mentoring is the best way to achieve your objectives. Just a half day could help you to get started without the need for any further assistance.

higher education

Can someone implement the entire programme for me?
Having experience of successfully implementing coaching and mentoring in schools, businesses and higher education institutions our most appropriate associate can provide this complete service. This could include designing the coach or mentor recruitment materials, interviewing the potential mentors or coaches, delivering the training, facilitating the matching process to providing a full evaluation report to satisfy stakeholders or funders. Alternatively we can work with a member of your staff to ensure that they are capable of facilitating the programme after our departure.
I need to prove impact of the coaching or mentoring programme to funders/stakeholders.
Having previously delivered evaluation workshops on the topic at the University of Hertfordshire our associates can help design data collection instruments that will demonstrate the efficacy of your programme. This could be done on a consultancy basis or part of the implementation or training package.

one to one coaching

For how long will I need coaching?
This will depend on you but unlike many other coaching organisations you will not be tied into a set number of sessions. Once you have achieved all you need to you will simply stop meeting with your coach.
Where will the sessions take place?
This is entirely your choice although we would always suggest that it is not at your office so as to allow you to focus entirely on you. A mutually convenient venue or at the private purpose-built and tranquil surroundings in rural Hertfordshire if you prefer.
Do I have to be working to be coached?
No, we can help with work, career change or any other aspect of your life that you would like to improve. Our former roles at the University of Hertfordshire and elsewhere has given us experience across many sectors from primary school pupils, the voluntary sector and individuals as well as corporate clients.

school services for pupils and staff

What resources will the training programme provide?
The resources will be developed specifically for the purpose of your specific programme. Resources and toolkits for school pupils or young people will be very different to the ones provided for staff to staff coaching or mentoring. Each participant will have a mentor or coach handbook, a toolkit and contact log to enable a sustainable programme to be developed.
Can I book one to one sessions for the pupils or is it only available for teaching or support staff?
Being experienced and fully trained in all areas our associates are able to offer one to one support for both staff and/or pupils. It can be more cost effective however if sessions can be booked to run consecutively.