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Mentoring and coaching are extremely effective in the development and transfer of skills and knowledge in businesses and other organisations. Staff involved can become more positive and participative. It can also promote leadership skills; improve self-esteem, work performance, staff retention and self-efficacy. It is reported that 50% of the learning is forgotten a month following attendance at a training course. As coaching and mentoring are longer term interventions offered over a sustained period the learning is far more likely to be retained. 

Find out how the coach or mentor training will allow your employees to develop additional skills and build positive new relationships both within the workplace as well as improve their communication with external clients. Coaching can also significantly improve leadership skills and well-being both proven to increase productivity (Westfield Report 2021)

As part of the service you can be given assistance with the implementation of a best practice programme within your own organisation or by provision of bespoke training for your staff. Knowing that you want it to be as easy as possible to introduce a mentoring or coaching programme the service can provide:

  • in-house/external training customised to your business or organisation aims for your staff and/or employees
  • all of the resources you will need to run and monitor a scheme such as: learning logs, handbooks and mentoring or coaching toolkits
  • individual coaching for your employees

Some really useful and practical sessions. I've already actioned a few things that are happening on Monday!


We have worked with Jill Andreanoff over several projects and have found the work she produces invaluable in the clarity of her findings and helping us secure evidence for funding

Alex Daar, Carers in Hertfordshire