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Jill has 15 years experience developing and leading a number of successful accredited and non- accredited coaching and mentoring programmes to schools, business, voluntary, public and business sectors gained in her former role at the University of Hertfordshire.

Whether you are a School looking to up-skill and train staff to be successful learning mentors or to train your pupils to support younger ones or a business wanting to develop your staff, expert guidance is available. Many of the programmes were led, under Jil's leadership, to accreditation by the Mentoring & Befriending Foundation and Jill has been a regular presenter at National conferences on the topic of coaching and mentoring.


Coaching or Mentoring

Having trained literally thousands of people to be mentors and coaches and experienced in working with a range of individuals from primary school pupil to chief executives, Jill can also offer individual coaching or mentoring sessions. From making important decisions in your life, to changing careers or developing your leadership skills, Jill can help you, your staff or pupils to achieve their goals, whatever they may be, through one to one sessions. Trained in a number of techniques such as solutions focused, cognitive behavioural, NLP (neuro linguistic programming) Jill can easily adopt the approach to suit you or the context of the provision.



Setting up a Coaching or Mentoring Programme can be a minefield, not to mention time consuming, with so much conflicting advice being offered. As an author of a book (to be published summer 2015) and holding a doctorate in the subject, you can be assured that the consultancy service offered will result in a scheme or training course that not only adheres to exemplary practice but is effective. Whether you are implementing a small pilot scheme or a large scale project, a complete service can be provided helping you to develop all the materials and resources for a sustainable programme. 



Appropriate training for your mentors or coaches is one of the keys to a successful mentoring or coaching intervention. Having trained 6th form pupils in schools giving them the confidence and skills to support younger pupils as well as senior managers within the corporate sector, no two training courses are the same. For this reason bespoke resources and materials will be provided depending on the aims and objectives for your particular programme.  Each participant will be provided with a mentoring or coaching handbook, toolkit and contact logs ensuring that they are fully equipped for the role. These provided resources can extend to promotional materials for your intended learners should you wish to get your programme off to a good start.


Conflict in the workplace is not uncommon and can be a major cause of stress as well as preventing employees from performing well. Whilst it may not be possible to resume a previous ‘friendship’ it can still be possible to find a way for the two parties to resume a good and productive working relationship. Having also been trained in mediation techniques, a coaching approach is used to facilitate the meetings which has resulted in many successful outcomes. As an independent consultant, Jill remains impartial, has no vested interest in the eventual outcome apart from quickly resuming a harmonious working relationship.